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Abades Bay

Although the dive site of Abades is one of the most popular dive sites of Tenerife, it is so extensive that, once submerged, we will hardly meet any other divers. The dive site lies sheltered by a large bay, so that there is hardly any current nor big waves. The site is very versatile, being […]

Abades Mountain

Abades Mountain dive site is close to the popular dive site of Abades Bay, and is an absolute ‘must’ because, being quite hidden, we will hardly meet other divers there. We reach the dive site driving an inconspicuous sandy track away from the busy bay of Abades. Once there, we can park  the minibus or […]


Alcala dive site is located about 15km east of our dive club and is suitable for both beginners and advanced divers. There is a small bay with a staircase that leads us to the water that offers us a varied volcanic underwater seascape featuring canyons and steep walls. With a little luck, here we may […]

Aquarium Stingray

This dive site is located directly in front of the harbour of Las Galletas and is reached by a short boat drive from the same. In general, we anchor at a depth between 12 and 15 meters and then dive down to about 22 meters to the nearby reef. Of late, Aquarium has become one […]

El Condesito

This dive site is located in a nature reserve between Los Cristianos and Las Galletas reachable by boat in about 20 minutes from the harbour of Las Galletas The wreck of El Condestito lies at a depth of about 8 to 16 meters. It was originally an old concrete freighter that crashed onto the cliffs […]

El Poris Bay

El Poris is a small holiday resort about 30 kilometres from the dive centre that we can reach in about 25 minutes drive. After parking directly at the dive site, we easily enter the water using a staircase that takes us to  a semi-submerged platform. From here we dive first to approx. 5 meters to […]

El Puertito

Located about 10km northeast of the dive club, El Puertito is a protected bay with a small beach and a beach bar. The dive site is suitable for beginners, but is also very popular with advanced divers. We reach the dive site easily by car and can park close to the water. The entry is […]

Las Eras

Las Eras is a small, quiet village on the south coast of Tenerife located about 30km  from our dive center. The somewhat longer journey of about 30 minutes is made worth by the sheer beauty of this dive site. After parking close to the waterline,  we reach the dive site via a small beach within […]

Los Abrigos

The dive site of Los Abrigos Pools is located in a nature reserve about 17km west of our dive center, and is reachable by jeep mostly over a marked sand road running along the coast. The entry-point is from a small secluded bay with a small beach. Diving here we may observe numerous octopuses and […]

Mar Azul

The Valito dive site is often simply called Mar Azul, after the name of a nearby resort. It is a small bay with a former landing for small boats, where the locals used to bring their agricultural produce ashore for distribution. The dive site is somewhat hidden and is reached via a dirt road. It […]