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Palmar Wall

We reach the dive site of Palmar Wall (or Guaza Mountain) by boat from the harbour of Los Cristianos or Las Galletas. Because of a few turtles and rays that have been fed there, Palmar Wall has recently become the most famous and most visited of the local dive sites. The dive starts on a […]

Playa las Vistas

While particularly suitable for beginners, Playa las Vistas dive site is also enjoyed by many advanced divers. Located about 5km from our dive center, it is possible to park quite close to the beach. After an easy entrance from the shore, we dive slowly over a reef where marine fauna is plentiful and includes  various […]

Playa Paraiso

The dive site of Playa Paraiso Anker is located about 10km from our center. The entrance is from a platform with ladder or from the beach. We first descend to 6 meters over a reef with a big fish population. Further along there is a ledge from which we can let ourselves fall freely along […]

Steps – Roncardores del Faro

From the shallow anchoring spot at 4 meters deep, we will only need a few fin strokes to reach an edge which drops almost vertically to 18 meters. These walls are natural basalt stone formations which look like they are man-made. The cooling effect of the water on the hot lava has caused the formation […]

Tabaiba Wreck

The dive site of Tabaiba is about 60km away from our center and we reach it by minibus or jeep in about 45 minutes. After entering the water using a ladder, we reach the wreck that lies on a sand patch and is surrounded by many shoals of fish. A former tugboat with a length […]


Located about 25km from our dive center, Tajao is an absolute ‘must’. The short drive by jeep or minibus takes us to a small beach from where we easily enter the shallow water. After about 20 meters there is a ledge where we drop down to about 6 meters. After a few minutes over a […]

Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain (Montana Amarilla) dive site is located in a nature reserve about 15km west of our center, reachable in about 15 minutes by jeep or minibus. The entrance is via a platform with a ladder or directly from the beach. The underwater scenery here reminds us of a fairy tale landscape: There is a […]