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Palmar Wall


We reach the dive site of Palmar Wall (or Guaza Mountain) by boat from the harbour of Los Cristianos or Las Galletas. Because of a few turtles and rays that have been fed there, Palmar Wall has recently become the most famous and most visited of the local dive sites.

The dive starts on a rocky outcrop at 8 meters depth and then drops down to 30 meters depth on a wall which is quite steep. The dive site becomes especially beautiful from about 25 meters depth. There are huge schools of fish, barracudas and, with a little luck, rays and turtles to see.

Although the dive site is offered by some dive centres to beginners and even for introductory dives, it is actually only theoretically suitable for inexperienced divers. If you have little or no diving experience, it is better not to dive here as it can prove challenging. Turtles and rays can be seen elsewhere also, although it cannot be guaranteed anywhere.


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