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Las Eras


Las Eras is a small, quiet village on the south coast of Tenerife located about 30km  from our dive center. The somewhat longer journey of about 30 minutes is made worth by the sheer beauty of this dive site.

After parking close to the waterline,  we reach the dive site via a small beach within a protected bay. Usually we dive at the entrance of this bay.

Just outside of the bay there is a breathtaking reef where it is possible to dive at different depths ranging from 5 to 35 meters. Even at shallow depth there is plenty of marine life, especially barracudas and trumpet fish.

A little deeper (about 12 meters) we can dive through tunnels and caves. At the end of the reef there is a steep wall where we can drop down to over 30 meters. Often we get to see rays or angel sharks there.

The dive site is suitable for mixed diving groups. Here it is possible to see almost everything the underwater world of Tenerife has to offer to snorkellers, introductory divers, and advanced divers.


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