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Special Course Underwater Photography

Special Course Underwater Photography - Diving Center Tenerife

2 dives, min. 1 day

Great underwater photos of the dive are a must for most divers these days. At least since you can take underwater pictures with many normal cameras, action cameras or even smartphones with special underwater housings.

But divers often ask us: Why do my photos never turn out as good as yours?

First of all one can say that underwater photos are simply subject to different laws. For example the colours and the light are different, you and your motives do not move like on land and distances have to be estimated differently.

During the course we will show you how to take good photos with special underwater cameras but also with normal cameras and of course how to take care of the camera properly. After each dive we will look at your pictures together and discuss what you can do better next time.

The best part of the course is of course the many pictures you can take home and always remember your dives with us.

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