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Special Course Night Diving

Special Course Night Diving - Diving Center Tenerife

3 dives, min. 2-3 nights

Diving at night is a completely different feeling and experience than during the day. The sea is usually calmer and where during the day there might be a lot of people swimming and being on the beach, you are now alone, just together with your diving partners.

The underwater world also changes completely at night. Many fish that you only see from a distance during the day are sleeping and so you suddenly get much closer to them. But some of them have disappeared completely and in return completely different ones appear. Squid, moray eels and crustaceans, such as shrimps, whose eyes sparkle in the spotlight of your lamp, are particularly active at night.

During the dive we also switch off our lamps for practice. Your eyes will quickly get used to the darkness and you will suddenly see the plankton glittering around you with every move you make.

During the course you will learn how to prepare your equipment properly for night diving. How to communicate with your partner with light signs and how to orientate yourself underwater in the dark.

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